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Spikeway provides convenient, reliable and secured travelling experience in AUTO It is an integrated solution for AUTO Drivers and the AUTO travellers It helps USERS by providing graphical location of the AUTOS nearest to them It also facilitates USERS alternative routes with transit options like public transports from their Pick-Up to Drop-Off locations.


Spikeway provides travel protection while travelling irrespective of USERSApp is ON or even Mobile is ON or OFF In adverse condition when App is ON by pressing volume buttons or shake the mobile will send alert message that the USER is in danger with last location traced to the provided emergency Contacts It provides Smart Protection to ensure that the user is reached safely irrespective of Mobile is ON or OFF It has SMART CAMERA by which User can save AUTO/TAXI pics in our Database to enabling another layer of protection before traveling.


Spikeway provides estimated Day and Night Auto Fare Calculator, Travel Distance Calculator, Travel time Calculator It show Driver's Photo, AUTO Number and the approximate Distance Drivers are away from the USERS Pick-up location Its unique feature "MY FARE" make Drivers comfortable to provide their Fare and become preferred to the USERS It takes 1 min time to show fare to the USERS.